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22 December 2021
Evgeny Samoilov, product manager

Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform v1.28.0 is released

The new stable Deckhouse version brings some awesome improvements and updates, such as upgrades of K8s system components, the ability to change CRIs in clusters with a single master node, and about a dozen other changes. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Significant changes in v1.28.0

Kubernetes upgrades. This release introduces new versions of the Control Plane and several system components. Deckhouse now supports Kubernetes 1.19.16, 1.20.13, and 1.21.7. Kubernetes 1.22 support will be added to Deckhouse v1.30 in early 2022.

The ability to change CRI in a single-master cluster. You can now change the Container Runtime Interface (CRI) in clusters with a single master node. (However, it is recommended to temporarily switch the cluster to multi-master mode to minimize the damage from possible errors).

Breaking changes in log-shipper module. You should now explicitly specify support for multiline messages in the logs to reduce the agent’s CPU usage. Use the multilineParser parameter in ClusterLoggingConfig or PodLoggingConfig CRs to do this.

A nicely-looking Grafana home dashboard has been added:

Other changes

Below are some of the new features of existing components and modules:

  • control-plane-manager / candi — authentication webhook support;
  • ingress-nginx — load balancer’s shutdown timeouts have been optimized;
  • metallb has been updated to version 0.11.0;
  • prometheus — the prometheusremotewrite validating webhook has been added to check for duplicate URLs;
  • deckhouse now uses only the UTC timezone in update windows configuration;
  • user-authn — the logout button and the signOnURL parameter in DexAuthenticator have been added.

The documentation has also been updated with several new sections: “How to change CRI for node-group?“, “How to change CRI for whole cluster?“, and “How do I get access to Prometheus metrics from Lens?

To see the full list of changes that were introduced in Deckhouse v1.28.0, please refer to this changelog,


For those who prefer a hands-on approach, the Getting started guide will help you to start your journey with the Deckhouse Kubernetes platform.

Follow @deckhouseio for updates and join our Telegram chat to ask any questions! Deckhouse’s main GitHub repo might be also useful to ask for feature requests and discuss any issues.