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24 May 2022
Evgeny Samoilov, product manager

Deckhouse v1.32 brings two new modules, ceph-csi and snapshot-controller

The new stable version of the Deckhouse platform, v1.32, has been released today. The latest release features some significant improvements, including two new modules, a new version of the Ingress controller, and a number of upgrades to existing components.

Kubernetes v1.21 is now the default version for clusters where Kubernetes is updated automatically. These clusters will be getting new Kubernetes versions along with Deckhouse updates. (The Deckhouse platform currently supports Kubernetes v1.19–v1.22).

New modules:

  • The ceph-csi module installs and configures the CSI driver for RBD and CephFS volumes. With it, you can connect multiple Ceph clusters using Custom Resources;
  • The snapshot-controller module enables snapshot support in the Kubernetes cluster for compatible CSI drivers and cloud providers.


  • A new dashboard for monitoring the LINSTOR cluster and DRBD resources has been added to Grafana:

  • The linstor module now supports monitoring, collecting metrics, and firing up alerts with a description of recommended actions;
  • It can also generate StorageClasses and add LVM pools in a fully automated fashion.

The openvpn module has got a new web interface (based on our Open Source ovpn-admin project) as well as one major improvement: it no longer needs persistent storage since all the necessary data is now stored in Secrets (the existing configurations can be migrated automatically). Also, the HostPort inlet has been added.

The new openvpn web interface


  • The log-shipper module now supports namespace-based filtering via the ClusterLoggingConfig resource. You can specify a list of namespaces to collect logs for or a list of namespaces to exclude from log collection;
  • Its Grafana monitoring dashboard has been revamped;
  • The documentation has been updated with information about troubleshooting and debugging methods.

The new Deckhouse version now supports NGINX Ingress Controller v1.1. Switching to this controller version is required to upgrade Kubernetes to version 1.22 and higher.

Please, refer to the changelog to see the full list of Deckhouse v1.32 changes and improvements. Please note that the first stable release of Deckhouse v1.32 is v1.32.8.


For those who prefer a hands-on approach, the Getting Started guide will help you to start your journey with the Deckhouse Kubernetes platform.

Follow @deckhouseio for updates and join our Telegram chat to ask any questions! Deckhouse’s main GitHub repo might also be useful to ask for feature requests and discuss any issues.